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GreatTalent.com is a place to honor Talents in all fields worldwide.  In order to do that, we have selected to have people/organizations sponsor the Talent (people/groups) to be honored on GreatTalent.com. As a sponsor you are associated with the article and honoring of Talent. So if you decide to sponsor a person/group with Talent and they are accepted, then you will appear as a Sponsor with the article on that Talent.

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You can sponsor existing articles on Talent, Talent fields, or help sponsor GreatTalent.com.  Contact with any questions.

Important Notes!

  • All Talents and articles have to be approved by GreatTalent.com
  • We will contact you after the Talent is approved with further sponsorship information
  • There has to be proof of talent that can be displayed on GreatTalent.com, unless we give an exception or if Talent is Honorred by an accepted (by GT) authority in their field
  • Typical article is approximately 400 words, Great/Amazing/Legendary talent articles may be much longer

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Please fill out as much as you can. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You should be able to tab from field to field.

Thank you.

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Please Provide as much information as possible on the Talent you wish to sponsor. You can sponsor also sponsor Fields or Talents from Cities/Countries.

Please provide links information, or files that give proof of talent. All talent is verified.

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