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Honoring Great Talent worldwide in all fields.


Great Talent and people with Talent are not just limited to the performing arts and sports. Many people in a variety of fields in the Arts, Athletics, Sciences, and Trades have Great Talents. So if you are a scientist, engineer, carpenter, mechanic, programmer, teacher, speaker or almost any other field, we will recognize those with the most talent. This web site is here for people to honor people they think are talented, for those with talent to showcase their talents, and for those looking for talent to hire (or wish they had).

Talent is catagorized by their Talent Level: Greatest Talent, Great Talent, Honored Talent, Talented, and Promising Talent. Then  by the area they reach: Worldwide, International, National, Regional, and Local talent. And by where they are located.

Talent Categories allows talent to be found by profession. If a talent does not fit into an existing category a new one is created.

The Talent Forum allows people to put up notices for talent wanted and talent available.


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